Ian Byrd

I’m Ian, I study computer science, compiler design and software architecture. I’m a Google Code-in Grand Prize Winner in 2012 and 2014. I did some competitive programming a few years ago and managed to get some decent awards for it here and there. Nothing particularly remarkable though. I sing and play the guitar in the band, but apperantly that’s not what you’re here for.

I started coding back to 2011 as a brave 11-year old kool kid. I eventually came to the land of C++. I can’t tell what led me there exactly, but I definitely had lots of fun in the meantime. Before I finally mastered (not really) the art of shooting myself in the foot, I had struggled with hundreds of specific C++ issues. Turns out, getting a dependency right can already be tricky enough. What’s happened next, I’ve migrated away from Windows to GNU/Linux (RMS you rock) and started learning Qt. Making Qt-based software has been the most bizarre experience I’ve ever had. Seriously, writing some working piece of software and running it like, everywhere? Come on, what could be more sexy? I must acknowledge finding myself remarkably lucky for being a part of such a vibrant community as KDE. Kudos to the ones building Plasma—you guys rock.

As the time went by, I had started looking into web backend stacks: Python, Node.js and at last, but not least, Go. My tight academical schedule has no room for any full-time coding… which is quite pity. Anyway, I do build some stuff, which you can find on my GitHub page. As a matter of fact, the page you are reading at the moment has at least three links to my GitHub profile: the one you just have seen, another one in the nav and one more in the top right corner.

As of summer 2016, I’m sort of sitting in between becoming a programmer, entrepreneur or musician. Let me finish the album and we’ll see! If you feel like you could help me with the choice or anything, please reach me out at ian@byrd.im. Your opinion matters, I can’t come up with anything on my own.

Nothing special, just yet another highly talanted existentialist. I had to strike this out, cos some highly talented Redditors didn’t get the joke.