Ian Byrd

Get your own fancy git.io shortened link!

TL;DR: Just run this for any URL within GitHub and instantly admire your own awesomeness: curl http://git.io/ --include -F url="https://github.com/<path>" -F code="<name>".

Hopefully, you’d end up with something as sick as http://git.io/climax, good luck!

Back to 2011, in terms of a big experiment, GitHub introduced a URL shortening service called git.io, but unfortunately haven’t used it that much ever since. However, one might find it interesting, since it lets you get some sick shortened links for your GitHub repositories or Gists. You could put one on the talk slide (git.io/mapping in the corner deffo looks cooler than github.com/space-donkey/mapping-for-lulz) or whatever. Anyway, imo this feature remains largely overlooked, so I came up with this short note.

In fact, all you have to do is execute this single command and that’s it:

$ curl http://git.io/ --include -F url="https://github.com/space-donkey/mapping-for-lulz" -F code="mapping"

HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Location: http://git.io/mapping

Git.io might return a 201 Created with the wrong vanity code (not the one you specified). It means that someone (you?) has already created a shortened link for the page given. Git.io won’t allow multiple links for the page, so the only viable option is to contact GitHub support. I’m fairly sure they are capable of changing it for you!

I made one for my Go-based fancy CLI package: http://git.io/climax. It still remains a useless piece of software, yet now it has a sick shortened link I can post around, yay! Ah, nearly forgot… Tbh, this blog post is sort of a bait. You see, me and a couple friends of mine, we are building a new CoC-free community for open-minded and friendly engineers, focused on programming, thug life and comedy. It’s based on Slack and you can get an automatic invatation here. Just make sure you know what satire is inb4 clicking the link ;)

Good luck and have fun!